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men's hair replacement for male pattern baldness, lima ohio.HRJ Concise Hair is the revolutionary non-surgical, totally undetectable hair replacement solution you've been looking for. 

A perfect marriage of science and nature, HRJ Concise Hair is real hair that styles perfectly. It's available only at  HRJ Hair Solutions in Lima, Ohio where specially-trained stylists will work with you to give you that perfect, natural looking style you've always wanted (or wanted back). 

We invite you to book your own free, confidential hair loss consultation at HRJ Hair Solutions in Lima, Ohio to see if HRJ Concise Hair is right for you.



The HRJ Concise Hair membrane resembles a layer of skin: it is porous, so it breathes like skin; it is transparent, so it takes on the color of skin.

Before the graft application occurs, the skin of the scalp is exfoliated of dead skin cells, expediting a naturally-occurring process.

The grafting procedure itself is non-invasive - it is accomplished through a specially formulated adherent, of medical grade and FDA approved for contact with skin.

The HRJ Concise Hair hair replacement membrane then bonds with your surface skin cells.

The hair that is used in the membrane is matched to your growing hair for age appropriate color, texture and curl, in whatever style you may desire.



HRJ Concise Hair is a choice that "splits the difference" between hair transplant surgery and conventional men's hair replacement.

HRJ Concise Hair is the non-invasive hair graft; surgery is not required to fulfill its hair replenishing properties.

HRJ Concise Hair results in a demonstrable increase in cosmetically significant hair, unlike chemicals that produce insignificant velo hair - short, non-pigmented "peach fuzz."

At HRJ Hair Solutions in Lima, Ohio, the HRJ Concise Hair procedure has been combined successfully with surgical hair restoration procedures and used to provide additional hair to those who've already had surgical hair replacement.

The results of the HRJ Concise Hair hair replacement procedure are guaranteed - there is no waiting period to see if it will actually work.

HRJ Concise Hair looks, feels, and acts like real growing hair.



HRJ Concise Hair is for anyone interested in a hair loss solution for men that will result in a cosmetically significant increase in hair density.

HRJ Concise Hair's capability to replace hair in any area of the scalp, and recreate a natural frontal hairline, makes it ideal for sufferers of male and female pattern baldness, and alopecia, as well as chemotherapy patients, and burn and scar victims.

Unlike surgical techniques, HRJ Concise Hair requires no "donor" area, nor is its success dependent upon the texture and curl pattern of donor hair.

The HRJ Concise Hair procedure can be used to provide additional hair to those who've already undergone hair replacement surgery but want greater density.

HRJ Concise Hair is different from those hair replacement methods you see on TV. Because with HRJ Concise Hair, there’s nothing discernible between your new hair and your scalp. So you can see and feel your scalp, and run your fingers through your hair and feel nothing but natural hair and scalp.

All of our services are provided with careful consideration for your individual needs and expectations in a totally discreet and absolutely confidential clinical setting. At HRJ Hair Solutions in Lima, Ohio, we offer complimentary private consultations to help you determine which treatment option is best for your individual needs.

Live life the way you want, without embarrassment, without being self-conscious and with a full head of hair again. Take the first step to a new you.  Schedule your complimentary, no-obligation hair loss evaluation today.

With hair restoration, there are lots of options to consider but only one phone call you need to make. JUST CLICK HERE or call (888) 592-7166. After all, seeing is believing!

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