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MICRO POINT LINK® is the only solution on the market that is very natural and safe for women who have fine thin hair. Micro Point Link® fills in where other extensions can't. It was created for areas that are more visible because, in this unique process, the HRJ Hair Solutions certified and trained stylist knots four hairs onto one single strand of growing hair. No adhesives are used. The knot is so micro-tiny that the added hair looks, feels and behaves just like your existing growing hair – maybe better!

Micro Point Link® is quick, easy and painless. You can have up to 600 additional strands of hair added to your own growing hair in just one hour! You can have thousands of additional strands of hair added quickly, easily restoring your confidence and your hair.

Micro Point Link® is the only extension on the market using Cyberhair®. Cyberhair® is the most lightweight hair available that loves water! It is a created hair that looks and feels like human hair, wet or dry. Cyberhair® is feather light, many times stronger than natural growing hair, and has moisture content and style memory. These qualities allow you the freedom to be as active as you've always been. Imagine having thousands of new strands of hair to comb, brush and style!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is Micro Point Link?

A. MPL is a new process which links a single strand of your own growing hair with four new strands of hair (that HRJ Hair Solutions provides), instantly increasing the density of that single growing hair by 400%. This revolutionary process can be repeated hundreds of times to potentially give those who qualify thousands of new strands of hair to comb, brush and style.

Q. What makes Micro Point Link better than other processes?

A. First of all, MPL is completely unique from other processes. In fact, HRJ Hair Solutions is the only company in our exclusive area authorized to distribute this remarkable new technology. The actual hair that we link to your own hair (called Cyberhair) is unique and it has worldwide patents. The most attractive feature about MPL is that it has not a cover up or a drastic hair replacement option. We link four strands of new hair with a single hair from the scalp repeated over and over again until you have the additional hair desired.

Q. How do I know if I qualify for this new process?

A. Frankly, there are quite a few individuals who are not candidates for MPL. Though they'd love to have more hair linked to their own, they don't have enough hair to support hundreds of additional strands of hair. To know for sure if you are a candidate for MPL our trained technicians must do a scalp and hair evaluation as part of the initial consultation. This evaluation will tell us if you are a candidate, and to what degree MPL is an option for you.


All of our services are provided with careful consideration for your individual needs and expectations in a totally discreet and absolutely confidential clinical setting. At HRJ Hair Solutions in Lima, Ohio, we offer complimentary private consultations to help you determine which treatment option is best for your individual needs.

Live life the way you want, without embarrassment, without being self-conscious and with a full head of hair again. Take the first step to a new you.  Schedule your complimentary, no-obligation hair loss evaluation today.

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