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For Active Women Who Want Great Looking Hair

Hair that's easy to manage. Hair that never loses its style or color. That is every woman's dream. And that dream can come true for you with Cyberhair.

Cyberhair is great for women with thinning hair or major hair loss who have tried other solutions such as wigs and extensions that limit one's freedom and lifestyle. And it's great for women who are just beginning to look for a solution who want to have only the best.

CyberHair can become a very natural part of you. It’s just like your own hair moving and blowing in the breeze. You can drive your convertible with its top down, you can swim in your pool, you can shower and shampoo, or sleep with it - because it has characteristics of human hair: it absorbs water, reflects light naturally, and is easy to handle. It is high tech hair that looks like strong, healthy hair, except for one thing - CyberHair may actually be better.

Because CyberHair is so much like your own hair, it will appear as though it's growing right from the scalp. It is lighter in weight, more colorfast, has better curl retention and durability than other types of hair (human or man-made). It has built in "style memory" that actually makes it easier to maintain than your own hair.

You can look younger by improving your hair, quickly, easily and very affordable, with a high tech CyberHair Replacement System from HRJ Hair Solutions in Lima, Ohio.

CyberHair's rich natural hues have a radiance that gives you more confidence and choices. Go to a new level with resilient, intuitive hair.

With Cyberhair you can have:

  • Hair that doesn’t lose color or fade.

  • A unique feature called “Memory Retention”. Your hair actually “remembers” its style, so your hair will keep the style you choose from the moment you wake up.

  • Hair that allows you to swim, shower and even defy the blast of a roller coaster ride!

  • Hair that is beautiful to the touch, and can be styled just the way you want.

  • Hair that can be highlighted, worn short, long or curly.

  • Peace of mind! Know that you can be active and have fun again without worrying about your hair.

And best of all, Cyberhair will look and feel like your own hair and even better. Cyberhair is a hair restoration solution for all ages of women and of any ethnicity. We are the only place in the Lima, Ohio area you can find Cyberhair and we would like to invite you to come in and experience Cyberhair for yourself.

All of our services are provided with careful consideration for your individual needs and expectations in a totally discreet and absolutely confidential clinical setting. At HRJ Hair Solutions in Lima, Ohio, we offer complimentary private consultations to help you determine which treatment option is best for your individual needs.

Live life the way you want, without embarrassment, without being self-conscious and with a full head of hair again. Take the first step to a new you.  Schedule your complimentary, no-obligation hair loss evaluation today.

With hair restoration, there are lots of options to consider but only one phone call you need to make. JUST CLICK HERE or call (888) 592-7166. After all, seeing is believing!

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